Cultural Artifact Collection

January 30, 2007
By Jim

Since the year 2000, we have been assembling a museum-quality collection of cultural artifacts.  The items we acquire have seen actual use in Lao, Hmong, Khamu, Akha and other ethnic communities throughout Laos.  Accompanying each artifact are photographs documenting the context in which the item is used within family or community life.

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The collection is an important element within our exhibit, “From Laos to America: Changing Worlds, Changing Lives”.  We are currently collecting oral histories from elderly refugees in which individuals are asked to discuss the significance of various artifacts with an emphasis on ethnic heritage and personal life experience.

2 Responses to “ Cultural Artifact Collection ”

  1. Mana on February 4, 2012 at 4:30 am

    A few days after siarhng a small pot of tea in your drafty loft in Shangri La’s old town, gazing across the wood slat rooftops at the temple on turtle hill blazing in the November afternoon sun, the academy’s gurgling water tank and Jon Jon’s inventions to be – the topics of the day, Dakpa dropped two chunky discs wrapped in fine paper into my lap.  ”Puer – very good…..” with a winking smile and a few weeks later we are haggling hard for as much as we can carry in the tea markets of Kunming…. hooked!Today, we are sat in Luang Prabang planning our next border crossing on our trans-siberian overland excursion from Singapore to London. Lao to China…. Yunnan… and of course, Puer… With the wife and kids grumbling at this troublesome diversion, for me – it’s the highlight of our trip and I’m not to be swayed.   I have no doubt that your passion for this ancient, mystical yet most practical of commodities will be as inspirational to others as it has been to me. I for one will be a regular visitor to this site and am looking forward to the next installment, cup in hand. Keep blogging!

  2. Lance Sayavong on March 4, 2012 at 2:14 am

    Please add these images to your Facebook to get more exposure.

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