How you can help

Projects for the 2008-10 planning cycle:

In America, continued support for:

  • Area Hmong Elder Group
  • Hmong Community Garden
  • School Lyceums: “Legacies of the Indochina War” and “Cultural Heritage of the Hmong and Lao”
  • Museum Display: “From Laos to America: Changing Worlds, Changing Lives”.
  • Expansion of the artifact collection and related oral histories.

In Laos, continued support for:

  • Book Box Libraries*
  • Medical supplies to hospitals and clinics**
  • Surgery and prosthetics for amputees
  • Surgery for cleft patients and victims of Noma
  • Minefield clearance
  • Clearance of surface UXO
  • Mine-risk education videos and other media
  • Village development

*We cannot accept the donation of English-language children’s books. All books that we provide to Lao schools are printed in the Lao language.

** We cannot accept the donation of pharmaceutical or “over-the counter” drugs.

Monetary donations can also be sent to:

We Help War Victims, Inc.
1833 Creek Road, Mosinee, Wisconsin, USA, 54455

Donations save lives and limbs.

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