“Don’t bring that here!” This video shows our response the day a villager hand-delivered a bomblet

August 25, 2011

Concerned children await the demolition of a cluster bomblet that a man carried into the center of the village. Because the device was too dangerous for us to move we had to demolish it where it lay, just a few feet from the front door of a house.

It wasn’t the first time someone has approached us with ordnance in hand, but it was the first time that my video camera was running and I captured the excitement on tape.

We were in a village to discuss the safe removal of some ordnance and I was filming the team’s discussion of how they might remove a fuse from a large, general purpose bomb. Suddenly our priorities changed.

The rest of the story is best communicated on the video embedded here.  Please click on the title below:

Don’t bring that here!

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