Project Sekong 2013: A Young Accident Victim Gets To Personally Share His Story With Secretary Clinton

February 1, 2013

This young man from Vang Vieng lost both hands and both eyes in an accident with a cluster bomblet. When I last spoke with him, last April I assurred him that I would share his story with people in America and attempt to get more help for Laos so more unexploded ordnance can be removed. I told him that his story would bring help so other young people will be spared the pain and suffering that he endures. Imagine my surprise when I learned that on her recent visit to Laos then Secretary of State Hilary Clinton met this young man. He was able to share his story and make a personal appeal for more assistance in the removal of old American ordnance.

Our ten-person team is headed for a remote setting that lacks electricity, phone lines and internet connection.

We would like to keep our supporters informed about our efforts but timely communication via the internet just isn’t possible at this time.

For now, the best we can do is to post photographs that document the nature of our work, the challenges that we face and, most importantly, the wonderful humanity of the Lao people.

We encourage readers who are encountering our organization for the first time via a posting on FaceBook to “friend” We Help War Victims and to share our postings with others.

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